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A Dedicated| Light | Nimble | Proven & Passionate Team Wanted's approach represents
a novel, fully managed framework that breaks the traditional, limiting fundraising models!

To have a great team, there is only one surefire recipe for success. A combination of solid leadership, communication, and access to good resources contribute to productive collaboration, but it all comes down to having people who understand each other and work well together. Wanted’s team embodies this.

Focuses on Family Businesses and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Mission goes beyond traditional models. We bring together Organizations, Businesses and Individuals to help everyone accomplish what their dreams and ultimately help in other in ways that were not before possible. We have succeeded in building the only Hyper Local NPO centric Cashback Rewards platforms. A fully managed solutions to help each segment alike. 

You are our priority

Our clients are committed and ambitious NPO’s , Organizations, Business owners and Individuals who want more than just discounts and usual loyalty programs. Our community focuses on empowering their community by supporting social initiatives that resonate with their beliefs.
At Wanted we constantly find ways to help them reach their goals and disturb what has normally been taken for granted. We focus on empowering each entity individually and as a whole without competing on identity but contributing together collectively.

Raise the standard with Wanted.

Our dedicated experts listen to your needs and support you strategically. Together, we prioritize what really matters to ensure the success and sustainability of your organization.

Passion led us here

Why choose Wanted PLEDGEPOWER® Rewards as your cashback platform?

When we work with you, we share some common goals: to achieve your business objectives. To name a few, we help with customer satisfaction, increased sales and impacting your local community. Our network of end users & shoppers, has been carefully curated through our vetted network of charities, and has proven loyalty to the their cause as well as to those who support it directly or indirectly.
By partnering up with Wanted PLEDGEPOWER® Rewards you are taking a positive step to earn the loyalty of your customers, while being associated with social responsibility and community welfare.
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