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WE EMPOWER Card Issuers & Financial Institution,
with a Turnkey CASHBACK Program, while eliminating the overhead of running a loyalty program
WANTED offers the only platform that will enable you topractice commerce with a conscience through loyalty. TURNKEY & SIMPLE, our team will deliver DEDICATED ASSISTANCE & ONBOARDING SPECIALISTS TO FACILITATE adoption .

We are driven by results. Your results At Wanted, we help you transform your reward network into a infinite loop of rewards and love.

Passion led us here

Why choose Wanted PLEDGEPOWER® Rewards as your cashback platform?

When we work with you, we share some common goals: to achieve your business objectives. To name a few, we help with customer satisfaction, increased sales and impacting your local community. Our network of end users & shoppers, has been carefully curated through our vetted network of charities, and has proven loyalty to the their cause as well as to those who support it directly or indirectly.
By partnering up with Wanted PLEDGEPOWER® Rewards you are taking a positive step to earn the loyalty of your customers, while being associated with social responsibility and community welfare.
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